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klasična depilacijaClassic depilation

What is depilation?
Depilation is hair removal. There are many different techniques. With waxing, the process is as follows: we apply wax to the body, place a strip over it, and pull the strip off quickly to remove the hair. It is recommendable that the hair is 0.5 cm long to ensure good depilation. The interval between two visits is approximately 4 weeks. There is nothing wrong with a shorter interval, but the results are not as good. This is because there are 3 phases of hair growth and there can be hairs of 3 different lengths. Regular depilation brings satisfying results. The hair is softer, thinner and there are less of them, and the skin is soft. We mostly use waxes for sensitive skin.

Brazilian bikini
This is hair removal in the intimate area. The customer wears disposable panties that help us stretch the skin. This prevents bruises. After the session, we recommend the use of an aloe vera gel or similar.

French depilation
This is hair removal in the anus area.

Where can we use depilation?
Depilation can be used on the entire body (legs, arms, back, chest, stomach, armpits, bikini and Brazilian bikini, eyebrows, lip, chin).

Right before depilation, personal hygiene is desirable – you can take care of that in the salon (shower, wet wipes). After depilation, we recommend showering only with water, without shower gel, fragrance etc. On sensitive areas, use preparations such as Bepanthen, Kamagel, aloe vera gel, baby powder etc. The depilated area should not be exposed to the sun for at least 48 hours after the treatment, and we also advise against using pools, solarium, sauna, or hot bath until the redness goes away completely. We recommend wearing loose cotton clothes so that the skin can breathe.

Advice for a better effect of depilation
About two days before depilation we recommend you do a mechanical peeling to additionally prepare the skin for the treatment. If you are prone to excessive sweating in the summer, we recommend to schedule an appointment in the morning or late afternoon. Sweat reduces the effectiveness of wax. Only a correct procedure and proper skin care will ensure a lasting silky feeling after the depilation.


Classic depilation for ladies.


Classic depilation for gentleman.

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