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CO2 carboxy mask

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Carboxy CO2 Gel is an innovative skin care system which allows you to enjoy the benefits of Carboxy therapy without needles. It produces CO2 through combining gel and a sheet mask, and transfers it to the skin cells through the gel layer.

Utilizing the Bohr Effect, the Gel Mask Treatment releases carbon dioxide 10 times more than the atmospheres into the skin and blood. This triggers red blood cells to release a large amount of oxygen into the skin cells at different levels. In addition, carbon dioxide also dilates nearby capillaries and promotes increased blood circulation.

This revolutionary new skin product is unparalleled. In treatment, the mask captures the CO2 that is generated from the gel and forces it past the skin’s lipid layer were it is quickly delivered deep into the epidermal skin cell, and increasing blood flow and faster & deeper deliver to the inside of epidermis.

CO2 promotes the rise of Oxygen (O2) supply which is critical for cell metabolism. When CO2 is produced between the gel and the mask, the gel preserves and transfers it to the skin. When the skin absorbs CO2, it starts physiological reactions that enhance the skin condition. After one treatment you will see immediate results in skin tone, smoothing of fine wrinkles and extremely soft silky skin.

Carboxy CO2 Moisturizer Therapy has;

  • No downtime
  • No side effects
  • No contraindications
  • Safe for all skin types

Carboxy CO2 Therapy has been proven to be effective in many areas of skin enhancements such as:

Cellulite reduction- Carboxy CO2 Gel was first used in aesthetic therapies because of its effect on reducing subcutaneous fat and cellulite.

Whitening- Carboxy CO2 becomes an active vasodepressor and this reaction activates blood circulation; since this action discharges wastes efficiently, it has a great impact on whitening facial skin. It not only treats spots such as freckles but also enhances overall skin tone.

Moisturizing- Carboxy CO2 Gel lets the skin keep the balance between water and oil.

Wrinkle Reduction- It is never too early nor too late for wrinkle care. Carboxy CO2 Gel promotes active protein synthesis and metabolism of the skin cells. It enhances elasticity, tightens, and treats as well as prevents wrinkles.

Treatment of acne and acne scars- Proper acne care should treat the inflammation inside the follicle as well as purge the skin of bacteria and waste. Carboxy CO2 Gel accelerates the blood flow and discharges wastes, and reduces anti-inflammation. These reactions not only treat the acne but also prevents it from forming by recovering the self-regenerative ability of the skin.

Reduction of stretch marks – Through activating blood circulation, protein synthesis, and re-creating damaged collagen layer.


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