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Lycon depilation

Lycon vosek, negovalni salon luna, kozmetični salonLycon depilation

Lycon is more than just wax! Exclusive Lycon waxes are used in the most prestigious salons around the world and have the reputation of top-level waxes. Lycon waxes are made of the best natural resins, beeswax and sensual aromatherapeutic ingredients, which is why Lycon waxes ensure top-level results. They remove even extremely short and stubborn hair. The working temperature is low, and as the waxes are very elastic and gentle, they do not irritate the skin but rather nourish it. Depilation with Lycon waxes is professional, pleasant, and most importantly, a less painful experience.

The wide range of different Lycon waxes are made to suit different skin types and different hair lengths.

With regular depilation, the hairs become thinner, softer and the interval between sessions can be longer.


  • Up to 70% less pain.
  • Removes very short hair.
  • Waxes are not hot, but warm.
  • They meet high standards..
  • Do not cause pigmentation.
  • Can be used up to 6 times on the same spot without damaging the epidermis.
  • Different types of wax are made to suit different skin and hair types.


  • Before depilation, do not go to solarium (the same day).
  • After depilation, do not sunbathe or go to solarium, pool, sauna … until the redness completely goes away.
  • Do not shave between waxing sessions.
  • Approx. 24 hours after depilation do not use soap, perfumed milk or lotion.


Lycon depilation for ladies.


Lycon depilation for gentleman.

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