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Medical piercing

Are you thinking about piercing your nose or ear?

piercing, uhan v nosu, uhani, luknanje ušesa, BlomdahlCompany Blomdahl is developing methods and jewelry for piercing ears, nose and navel since 1985. Their job is to develop both safe jewelry and safe piercing methods in order not to damage the skin and not harm health.

They developed a method based on a technique called “aseptic technique”. This means that products and methods are safe and prevent the spread of piercing infections. In doing so, we want to prevent the spread of bacterial (MRSA) and viral infections (hepatitis B).

It is important to be protected yourself against infection. All used equipment is sterile.

First, we thoroughly clean the piercing site and mark it. Piercing is made with jewelry, which is stored in a sterile cassette. Parts of jewelry and accessories on the instrument that come into contact with the skin are sterile and do not come into contact with other persons.

Does it hurt? No. Yes. A little… Everyone responds differently.

It can sting a bit, like a mosquito… The place penetrated can be slightly painful, delicate and warm after piercing, but the sensation quickly goes away. The procedure itself is very fast and safe. We have piercing for children. After piercing, cleaning twice a day with soap and water is advsed, or use Blomdahl care products for this purpose. When a certain time passes, you can remove the original jewelry and wear jewelry you wish. However, it should be noted that it sometimes lasts a whole year before the piercing is completely healed. The skin is still thin and sensitive, so be careful when changing jewelry.

In cooperation with dermatologists, Blomdahl has developed jewelry, that is proven not to be dangerous to your skin and health.

ALLERGIES? NO, thank you!

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